Welcome to ThermiVa in Dallas, TX.

Welcome to my website dedicated to ThermiVa in Dallas.

My name is Dr. Ginger Isom-Batz and I’m excited to introduce a new intimate makeover in Dallas, a vaginal rejuvenation (tightening) treatment called ThermiVa. It is is a radio frequency device which delivers heat to shrink the tissues in and around the vulvar region. It is capable of not only tightening the inner vaginal canal but also the outer labia majora and minora. It is a 100% non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure, it is safe and has no recovery period after treatment. We do not use anesthesia or need an operating room because there is no cutting or stitches involved.

The devise delivers the heat through a thin slender rod (smaller than a finger). It is guided respectively over and inside the labia and vagina, tightening and shrinking tissue.

ThermiVa also treats mild stress incontinence and vaginal dryness. ThermiVa has both cosmetic and reconstructive benefits.  It promotes new collagen and neurogenesis (increased nerve sensitivity).  Cosmetically, your skin will feel and look softer, tighter and smoother, and for its reconstructive benefits, you and your partner will feel the firmness and tightness.

Along with increased sensitivity and increased moisture, ThermiVa increases sexual gratification. Women are reporting heightened sensations to above pre-childbirth levels.

The cost of ThermiVa is less then 1/3 of what you might have to pay for vaginal rejuvenation surgery, labia majoraplasty and resurfacing. Similar to the surgical procedures, ThermiVa is not covered by insurance.

ThermiVa treatments are not to be compared with surgical vaginal tightening or surgical labiaplasty.  Severe cases of incontinence and vaginal laxity will require surgery, ThermiVa is for women who do not want surgery, are not a candidate or want to have more children.

Please email me at thermivadallas@gmail.com or call 214-360-1535 to schedule a consultation for your Intimate Makeover ThermiVa treatment.